The crystallization databases BMCD and BDP


BDPscreenshotThe BDP database is a collection of data extracted from the PDB database. The BDP was described in T. S. Peat, J. A. Christopher and J. Newman (2005). Tapping the Protein Data Bank for crystallization information. Acta Cryst. D61, 1662-1669.


BMCDscreenshotThe data were imported from the Biological molecule crystallization database (BMCD) hosted by the NIST, USA (G. L. Gilliland, M. Tung, D. M. Blakeslee and J. E. Ladner (1994). Acta Cryst, D50, 408-413, and G. L. Gilliland, M. Tung and J. E. Ladner (2002). Acta Cryst, D58, 916-920). The XtalBase developer gratefully acknowledges the permission of the BMCD maintainers to present the data on this site.

The BMCD and the BDP comprise together data of more than 15000 successful crystallization conditions.