The DAYDABASE data management system

Technical Details

  • Based on a combination of Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • Can be installed on both linux (LAMP) and windows (XAMPP)
  • Access via any web browser. All modern browsers are supported.
  • Supports PHP 5.3 – 5.6

User interface

  • Data display (predefined selections, sorting, and search function)
  • Display of related data
  • Template controlled display
  • Interface to external programs
  • DAYDABASE speaks your language! The interface language can be individually configured by the user

Data processing

  • Autorun of scripts/functions at predefined schedule
  • Easy implementation of new functions including start per mouse click and access control

Data manipulation

  • Form-free data input
  • Data processing via mouse click
  • SQL interface


  • Tables and fields can be freely defined and connected to each other through the system interface.
  • Predefined specialized data types (can be easily expanded)
  • Highly configurable permissions (per user, user group, table, field, or data properties)
  • Configurable appearance
  • Configurable links
  • Configurable data processing and analysis
  • Automatic processes

Import and Export

  • Import and export in various standard data formats (CSV, SQL, XML, HTML)
  • Template-controlled data import and export

Data backups and safety

  • can be administrated by a remote server even when behind a firewall
  • Database status
  • Automatic backups
  • Automatic data correctness and consistence check
  • Periodical status reports per e-mail
  • Logging