DAYDABASE, developed by DAYDA.NET, is a flexible, multi-purpose tool for Data management. Since 2005, DAYDABASE is used in a multitude of areas, be it the documentation of research data, the management of research groups, or in teaching management.

DAYDABASE saves time as

  • it makes data data available and editable at any time from anywhere,
  • collaborating people can efficiently share data,
  • the interface makes sure that your data are well organised and structured.

Predefined data structures are available in the areas teaching management and selected areas of research. Extensive program libraries for the generation of HTML Code and database access allow for a swift and cost-saving adaptation to your needs. The system appearance can be freely configured within the system.

DAYDABASE is based on modules. Only those modules are installed, which are needed by the actual users. That saves you costs and guarantees, that the system remains easy to handle and to learn.

DAYDABASE can be adapted to your needs. This may concern individual data fields, tables or a newly designed module with customized functionality for the administration of your data, e.g. for your course.

Get an overview of how DAYDABASE can help you: