Practicum management

DAYDA.NET contains a universal, highly configurable system for the administration of a practicum.

The basic features of the system are:

  • Overview pages with lists of students, study plan in overview, per teacher and student, respectively
  • One-click import and export of data
  • Automatic creation of the study plan
  • Students are provided with personal login data, enabling them to view their personal study plan and results
  • Grades are editable by teachers
  • Grades statistics
  • Assignment of duties to course teachers
  • Upload / download of documents
  • Plagiarism check
  • Documentation of course contents
  • Notification per e-mail at certain events

The following screen-shots show, how the practicum interface is designed.

Practicum OverviewVersuchstage

Overview per daytagesübersicht

Schedule per studentStudent

Overview supervisorsBetreuer

Day protocolTagesprotokoll

Supervisors scheduleBetreuerZeitplan

Supervisors marksNotenübersicht