Data management service

DAYDA.NET offers the following possibilities:

  • Your own subdomain
    A new subdomain with a name of your choice together with a personal database will be created on the server. Your advantage: You can design database structure, web appearance, users, permissions just as you wish and you have full access control over all data. This variant is suitable for power-users and groups, who use DAYDABASE for various applications and data types.
    Fees: 20€ / month plus fees for other modules (see below) and support. No installation costs!
  • A personalized database is installed, configured and administered on your server (only institutions or companies)
    This variant is most suitable for sensitive data, which should not be hosted outside your institution. DAYDA.NET offers introduction, support and the development of specialized functionality.
    Fees: 32€ / month (academic) or 40 € / month (commercial) plus fees for other modules (see below), installation and support.
Module licences

Class I – 6€ / month (academic), 10€ / month (commercial): Orders, Electron microscopy, research group, equipment booking, calendar, crystallography, molecular biology, messageing, notes, system administration, events

Class II – 19€ / month (academic), 25€ / month (commercial): publications

Class III – 32€ / month (academic), 40€ / month (commercial): crystallization, wet lab

License fees for other modules depend on the module extent.

DAYDA.NET can also help you with the administration of your IT-infrastructure (only institutions in the Munich area). This includes

  • Installation of Windows-, Mac- and Linux workstations
  • System configuration and maintenance
  • Purchase, installation and maintenance of software and hardware
  • Maintenance of the computer network
  • Data backups
  • User administration
  • Training and support